Activities to enjoy on our doorstep

Shark Cage Diving

In 1990, South Africa was the first country in the world to protect the Great White Shark. Kleinbaai is the home to Great White Shark Cage Diving.

With the 50 000 Cape Fur Seals living on Dyer Island, the Great White sharks have a natural feeding ground. All shark cage diving boats launch from Kleinbaai's natural harbour and give visitors the opportunity to experience the Great White Shark up close and personal.

The excursion takes between 3 – 4 hours. No scuba experience is required. Sighting great white sharks from the boat deck is as good as from the cage if you prefer not to dive. You will also see African Penguins and numerous sea birds on the trip.

Whale Watching

The whale seen most in the Walker Bay area is the Southern Right Whale, but other species do make an appearance occasionally. The whales start arriving in May in order to mate and calve in the shallow water. Peak time for whales at any one time is October, but many can still be seen in November, tailing off in December.

Humpbacks migrate through the region between May and December, while Bryde’s whales are found slightly further off shore all year round. Occasional sightings of Killer Whales have been made. Dolphin species which may be seen in the region include the endemic Heavisides dolphin, Bottlenose and Common dolphins.

The Kleinbaai area is generally regarded as one of the best whale-watching sites in the world. Take a boat ride and get a close up view of these giants of the sea, the Southern Right Whale . From the shore or the boat you are almost certain to come across whales frolicking in the bay.

Hiking & Nature Trails

The 7 km Duiwelsgat Hiking trail from Gansbaai through to De Kelders. Experience the only fresh water cave along the African cost, a beach of perfectly formed tiny shells and more.

The Grootmelkhoutbos Hiking Trail in Franskraal in a conservation area where no plant or animal may be disturbed or harmed in any way. The trial is a circular route of 2km and takes just about an hour to complete.

Take a walk at Platbos, a forest trail for bird and tree enthusiasts situated between Stanford and Gansbaai. Appreciate this unique forest ecosystem and dedicate the planting of a tree to someone special when you visit the Reforestation and Conservation Project.

On the never ending sandy beaches at Pearly Beach long uplifting and soul-searching walks may safely be enjoyed.In the Uilkraal Valley a variety of mountain biking and walking trails are also available.

Quad Biking

Adventure lovers can explore the magnificent mountain views and the unique fynbos on automatic and all-terrain quad bikes.

For the 4X4 enthusiast mountain tours and 4X4 trails are also available.

Penguin Sanctuary

Although the facility was purpose built for rehabilitation of marine birds, it also caters for creating awareness around the perils our marine birds face out in the wild. An Auditorium equipped with a big screen TV, which is linked up to the Rehabilitation area – the Bird Hospital and the Laboratory/Clinic, will enable any guest who visits the facility to see what is being done behind the scenes. This will prevent added stress on the birds in rehabilitation by minimizing the amount of people allowed in the critical areas. The Auditorium also sports one way glass overlooking the final Conditioning pen – where visitors can watch our birds in final preparation for release without any disturbance or interference. Tourism drives our conservation efforts, and the biggest tool we have in conservation is by educating the public around the conservation of these species we work with intensively.

Horse Riding

Embark on a horse riding adventure on one of South Africa's most diverse trails. Gallop along kilometres of unspoiled beaches and across sweeping grasslands or meander through magnificent mountains and vineyards.